Accidents, sudden Medical Conditions, or Lost Children - here is the KEY to your Personal Emergency Information. Doctors, Police, or anyone helping you, will get your critical information anywhere, anytime - by Phone, SMS, or Internet. Find My Info personal identification can speak for you - when you can't, in details - at your Emergency.                            

                                                           Sophisticated Technology Made Simple.


Click, or call the number to test it. Sample Code: 12345678, PIN: 1234.
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Published article on January 21, 2011 at Pune Times (Times of India) newspaper.
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First & Foremost in India...

Find My Info introduced the unique service that securely organizes your critical Emergency Information including vital data, photograph, address, contact details, medical history, current medications, medical reports, health-insurance information and personal requests - on a web-based platform. How much of what information should be made available, can be determined, controlled, and managed easily by the individual user.

Emergency situations may suddenly come in our way. Children, adventurous youngsters, elderly loved-ones, those who go out to work away from home, and literally everyone can have significant benefits from this service.

Immediate availability of Emergency Information about a person is important to

A) Receive correct and appropriate medical treatments- without delay, and
B) To be in touch with family members at-once.

A fashionable wristband or a pendant worn by the user containing clear instructions, a Code, and a PIN - enables anyone who extends a helping hand, access the information by automated voice, SMS or the web.

Find My Info has taken diligent steps to maintain privacy of the members, and deployed solid infrastructure to make the information available when needed, from anywhere in the world - where a phone works, or internet is available.

Let’s end the era of delay, confusion & error in treatments, lost-identities, and family anxieties caused by unavailability of organized Emergency Information. Embrace sophisticated technology in simplest form.

Stay safe, be diligent.

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